The decade of data and automation

During 2020, and before the pandemic affected all sectors and companies globally, many analysts and experts affirmed that this would be the decade of data.

On the one hand, the technological advances and digitization that all sectors and industries have experienced, and on the other, the appearance of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence or blockchain, means that companies have to send, receive and manage a volume of data that grows exponentially every day.

Analyze and take advantage of this valuable information, it is essential in any transformation process, for the digitization of companies.

The complexity

The amount and complexity of this datais increasing at such speed that it is impossible to manage it through manual processes. Every day, many companies from different industries or sectors are inundated by hundreds of thousands of lines of data, from different sources.

This is why many companies are looking for more efficient ways to quickly and accurately manage and administer that huge amount of data from different sources and origins. Ensuring the management and integrity of this datameans having a detailed analysis of all these processes and data, detecting errors, saving management costs, and ultimately, boosting the efficiency of the company.

The automation in the management and reconciliation of all these data from different areas is a differential and critical point, being a complex and laborious process for many companies, including those with large resources.


According to a study by Oxford Economics, the integration of intelligent technologies in business processes significantly improves the profitability of organizations. By percentages, the most used are: artificial intelligence (34%) analytics (27%) IoT (23%) and machine learning (16%).

Juggo is an automated and unattended robot, being the solution for the intelligent management and reconciliation of data, in the analysis of any project, providing significant time savings in any process, no matter how complex it may be.

This is the best option to start the journey towards the automation of the management of any type of data, the consolidation and optimization of any conciliationprocess, thanks to Juggo’s machine learning, the automated and unattended robot, which can continuously adapt and improve, depending on the data it handles. With this, internal reconciliations are eliminated, with a significant reduction in costs and personnel.

Machine learning and continuous self-optimization, allows companies to detect and correct all errors in data, inconsistencies or poor quality of sources, before they generate problems in other systems or areas.

A wide range of technologies are being deployed on a large scale, and those companies that are properly equipped to handle this massive influx of datawill survive and thrive during this challenging decade.

José María Lozano
Juggo Business Manager


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