What is data reconciliation?

Data reconciliation is a necessity for companies from various sectors and public bodies that need to carry out this complex task in a short time with total truthfulness and efficiency. Managing large amounts of data in real time manually is very complex, slow and in many cases an unmanageable task in practice. Juggo comes to solve this problem and facilitates the management, crossing and reconciliation of data at different levels of detail and accuracy.

What is Juggo?

Juggo is the tool that solves the problem of managing, crossing and reconciling large amounts of data from companies and entities. Allowing the fast, safe and efficient crossing and reconciliation of colossal amounts of data in seconds. And it does so in an automated, easy-to-use process, leveraging AI and Big DATA technology to simultaneously manage hundreds of reconciliations.

Juggo is a robot that learns to treat data with logic that is taught in a process easy to implement that is gaining efficiency as it is used: the more use, the better performance.

What about Juggo?

Saves resources thanks to the unassisted conciliation.

Do you know how much money data management costs your organization annually? And how much would it cost if it received even more data and needed a quick solution in an assisted manner? Until now it was necessary to have a qualified team dedicated to these tasks. And very expensive technological resources. In addition, this entailed extra monetary resources and added materials such as workspace, office supplies and others. And all for a slow process that required a lot of time or that, directly, was impossible for some organizations to carry out.

Juggo is the technological tool that allows managing data in a much more efficient, fast and secure way, optimizing tasks and going beyond what is possible up to now. With a tiny amount of resources compared to the previous situation. That is, it does much more for much less. And at a speed previously impossible. Juggo performs parallel data crossing and reconciliation processes equivalent to the work of hundreds of workers.

Analyze results at all levels at high speed.

Saving time means saving money. And it makes it easier to make beneficial decisions for the company, society or organization quickly, based on these.

Juggo analyzes results by handling huge amounts of data with all levels of detail quickly. It allows fast executions in a process with an automatic learning curve of the tool. This revolutionary technological tool not only compares data. It performs different essential tasks for its analysis and practical use.

It has an infinite capacity for growth.

If your organization grows and handles more and more data, Juggo grows with it. It works with IA and Big Data technology in a self-scaling cloud environment to manage hundreds of reconciliations and perform hundreds of operations simultaneously. It also has an automatic learning engine that allows it to be more efficient with greater use. In other words, the longer you know the data the more you will optimize the tasks and provide better results more quickly.

It details the results for a better use of them.

Juggo is an innovative technological tool that has a calculation engine for intermediate operations with self-learning. Its task optimization reaches very high levels. Discover errors quickly. And it provides an impressive level of detail. Not only does it indicate which data have been associated or not, but for each of them it indicates the criteria and margin that the user has parameterized.

It shows clear results that are easy to handle.

In its own dashboard, Juggo offers multilevel analysis with the latest data obtained. This makes it easy to use.

How Juggo helps companies from different sectors, organizations and entities.

Any company that obtains data with Big Data technology and needs its management and analysis can take advantage of the optimization of resources, tasks and time that Juggo allows. Logistics and financial companies, public entities for the management of regulations and taxes, companies in the health sector such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and audits are just some of the many companies, entities and organizations that Juggo can help in the management and automatic reconciliation of data.

Need more details? As a sample, these are just some of the many tasks Juggo can perform for different sectors.

Tasks by sector

  • It allows entities and governments to fight against tax fraud, detect who needs social assistance or who collects aid improperly by comparing data such as cadastral assets, tax payments and others.
  • It facilitates the management and efficiency in logistics and transport by crossing data from different courier suppliers and detecting billing errors at the cent level.
  • It reconciles bank data with accounting data that is already in an accounting program or ERP document.
  • It scans, classifies and reconciles thousands of invoices and delivery notes for management purposes.
  • It accelerates progress in biotechnology and pharmaceutical research by managing large amounts of data, classifying them and comparing them with the results obtained in various tests.
  • It facilitates the control, management and reconciliation of investments for brokers and fund managers.
  • It allows crossing clinical histories and previous symptoms in the treatment of patients to arrive at more precise medical diagnoses.
  • It facilitates to the wholesale distributor the control of stocks, sales, orders, shipments, reservations and other processes inherent to its work.
  • It allows retail and catering franchises to manage data, forward orders to suppliers or manufacturers when this need is detected, facilitate logistical distribution to each location as well as distribution to online shoppers and other tasks.
  • It provides data to governments that enable early public health action by managing clinical data for each core health area quickly and efficiently.
  • It allows business groups and holding companies to carry out internal reconciliation of files, accesses, clients, invoicing, suppliers and other key elements for their operation and profitability.

Juggo is a revolutionary tool for data management that can help your company or organization in different ways. Discover all that it can do for your business or entity and what advantages it gives you. Contact us for more information about Juggo or for advice on its use and the specific tasks it allows your organization to perform.