Juggo, the software that will revolutionize bank data reconciliation

Reconciliation of bank details is essential to ensure the integrity of the monetary information of the accounting items. Any company that performs a balance sheet, benefits from this process to better control its economic resources and the real situation of the business. But until recently it was a long and tedious process, even more so the larger the company, and that is why it was carried out every quarter or semester. Juggo is the bank reconciliation software that has come to revolutionize this process to do it quickly, easily and effectively. Find out how it can help you and why it is a very profitable help for your business.

Meet Juggo, the software that will revolutionize bank data reconciliation.

Know the reconciliation of bank and financial data of your business in a few minutes.

Many companies with an accounting department carry out the bank data reconciliation process once a month. Those that outsource it, once or twice a year.

Data reconciliation software

Juggo, your bank data reconciliation software solution

With the Juggo bank reconciliation software you can carry out this process that until now was long and tediousin a few minutes. Once a month, a week or every day, as you see. No specific frequency is necessary. Así que basta con realizarlo cuando desees. And almost instantly you will have all the data with several layers of detail. Quickly, easily and with penny precision.

This not only saves you a lot of time and financial, technological, human and other resources. It also allows you to know the real situation of the company at the moment. With real and updated data. Only starting from the data in Excel or in an accounting program and the Juggo bank reconciliation program. To detect errors and to make the best decisions for your business with reliable and updated data. Without wasting time on audits or looking for discrepancies.

With Juggo bank reconciliation software, get real data instantly and with different layers of detail.

To avoid losses, unnecessary charges and accounting problems for an inspection Juggo allows you to identify errors and charges instantly. And with a precision of pennies. In addition, its different layers of detail allow you to instantly identify errors. In order to correct them. Duplicate data, mismatched data, discarded from the system, and more. You can also check if once a correction has been made, the reconciliation of bank and financial data is already correct. And it offers intermediate data to make it easier to identify where errors and inconsistencies are coming from.

Furthermore, Juggo is a bank reconciliation program that each user can parameterize according to their needs. So the customizationis maximum in the parameters for the data reconciliation.

Visual and detailed analysis in easy-to-use bank reconciliation software.

Thanks to the graphics, colors and signals of the Juggo dashboard, analysisafter data reconciliation is very simple. With a simple click it is exported to an Excel document that you can use as it suits you. Using this bank details reconciliation program is very simple. So you or the person you point to as responsible can do it. Without having to spend a long time preparing for it. With the parameterization you want and the criteria you decide.

Being able to have the data already analyzed in Excel also facilitates its handling in the way that best suits the organization of the company.

Data reconciliation software

Juggo, your bank data reconciliation software solution

Although the learning curve for handling this bank reconciliation program is very high in a very short space of time, the curve for the program itself is higher. The more it is used, the faster and better it reconciles the data with the custom parameterization that has been made of it. In less time it will provide better results thanks to its optimization of tasks. A great added benefit of this revolutionary software for reconciling data.

Main advantages of using Juggo.

  • Parameterize it to your liking according to the needs of your business.
  • Have real data instantly available in an otherwise complex, time-consuming and expensive process. You can analyze thousands of invoices, delivery notes and accounting movements that are already in an accounting program or ERP document.
  • Save on economic, human and technological resources.
  • Have a real analysis with different layers of detail easy to manage.
  • Identify errors, duplicates, and other bank data reconciliation issues instantly.
  • It checks immediately after a correction or after isolating one or more specific data that the data reconciliation is correct.
  • Know the exact time in which analyzes have been performed or if a new analysis has been performed after making adjustments or changes.
  • Access the layer of details you want easily.
  • Easy handling with a steep learning curve for the use of bank reconciliation software that providesmaximum precision.
  • Discover uncrossed data immediately. As well as which field does not coincide and which is the deviation that marks the discordance.
  • Export Excel reports in a document with different tabs for easy handling.
  • Have both the original data and the corrections. So you can see at all times where the error was. Also when has it been corrected. And that the data reconciliation software has not altered them.

Request a demo to see how Juggo, the most innovative bank data reconciliation program, works. And discover how it helps your business and why it is the revolutionary and profitable solution you need.

Juggo, your data reconciliation software